About Tha Alumni Clothing

Will, a college graduate of Ball State University, saw early on the keys to his success in music would be to recruit and develop a strong freshman class. Just like graduating from college, and becoming an Alumni of Ball State, newly graduated superstars like Drake, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, YG, TyDolla$ign, and Kid Ink, were now entering the rapper work force. Working with these kids early on, and seeing that they would be the new future in the music game inspired the concept for Tha Alumni Clothing brand.

Being apart of Tha Alumni Clothing brand is about having a mindset that rises above challenges and graduates to that next level in life. 

With over 300,000+ signature “A” hats sold globally, and exclusively on our website, we're continuing to expand the signature 'A' logo reach.Our most recent signature piece, The 24k “A” Presidential Snapback, is a new staple for our global customer base as well as our peers in the music industry; having been featured in music videos reaching over 100 million views. You can also catch these signature hats on national television shows including Wrestlemania, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Platinum Life.